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Soup of spelt with shrimps and 4 luppoli Premium Lager

4 Luppoli Lager.
Difficult 2 ore
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Recipe ingredients:

(for 4 people)

Soup with Spelt of Garfagnana i.g.p. and shrimps of Santo Stefano
200 g of Spelt of Garfagnana i.g.p.
8 large shrimps of Santo Stefano
A laurel leaf
Salt q.b.
Pepe q.b.
Extra virgin olive oil q.b.
Lemon zest q.b.
a carrot
half an onion
Half of celery
Foam of 4 luppoli Premium Lager
1/2 l of 4 luppoli Premium Lager
4 g of gelatin


Soup with Spelt of Garfagnana i.g.p. and shrimps of Santo Stefano
Clean the shrimps, prepare with shells a light broth flavored with a laurel leaf and marinate for about 30 minutes the tails in extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon zest.
Prepare a mirepoix of celery, carrot and onion, sauté in extra virgin olive oil add the spelt of Garfagnana previously soaked overnight in water and drained, dip it in the shells broth and then let it cool.

Foam of 4 luppoli Premium Lager
Soak the gelatine in cold water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of 4 luppoli Premium Lager and then add the remaining 4 luppoli Premium Lager, then place all in a syphon with two charges and put in refrigerator to cool for at least 6-8 hours.


Place in a bowl the soup of spelt of Garfagnana making sure it is warm and not too hot, then place over the marinated shrimp tails.
Season with a little olive oil and sprinkle with ground pepper.
Garnish with sprigs of foam of 4 luppoli Premium Lager made ​​with trap and placed close to the shrimps.