Ravioli stuffed with lamb on a cream of Raschera cheese and onion | Birrificio Angelo Poretti
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Ravioli stuffed with lamb on a cream of Raschera cheese and onion

5 Luppoli Bock Chiara.
Difficult 50 min
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Recipe ingredients:

(for 4 people)

300 g of wheat flour type 00
2 eggs
40 g reduction of Barolo d.o.c.g.

150 g lamb shoulder
20 g of carrots
20 g of onions
20 g of celery
30 cl of red wine
200 dl of lamb sauce
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste
Pepe to taste
4 g Thyme

Cream of Raschera d.o.p.
150 g of Raschera d.o.p.
150 g of reduced cream

10 g chives
Port Wine Reduction to taste 


Place the flour, pour the eggs in the middle and reduction of Barolo and mix everything up to get a homogeneous mixture.

Fry in a pan a brunoise of celery, carrot and onion with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, then add the lamb shoulder cut into small cubes, thyme, and continue browning until complete, then wet with wine red, and finish cooking with the lamb sauce. Add salt and pepper.

Cream of Raschera d.o.p.
Reduce the fresh cream, then add the Raschera cheese, mix all together with an immersion blender and keep at a temperature of 80° C.

Making and cooking the ravioli
Spread the dough on a wooden board to obtain a sheet 0.5 mm thick, cut it in order to obtain squares of 4 x 4 cm and place the stuffing in the middle of each one, then close them by lifting the four corners, bringing them closer to the center and pierce the ends with your fingers. Cook the ravioli in salted water for 3 minutes, then drain and transfer to a pan with butter.



Lay down the cream of Raschera in the pot, place the ravioli and garnish with chives and Port wine reduction.